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SPICE Update 125

Mar 05, 2017

In this Update:
The Report: Startup Hotspots are not as hot as expected
Entrepreneurial Hotspots: Germany: Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Heidelberg / Armenia: Yerevan / Switzerland: Zürich New on SPICA World Map:Australia, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Latvia,
Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and USA
Reports from: Armenia, Bahrain, Belgium, China Germany, Finland, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Jordan, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, and USA

EUROPE: EU support for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia / Training for Jordanian Grassroots Initiatives

Armenia: International Venture Capital invests in Armenian Startups / American University started EPIC in Yerevan / Forum for open Exchange - Kolba Cafes in Yerevan Austria: Pioneers Festival on European Tour Australia Fishburners now in Sydney, Brisbane and Shanghai Bahrain: Seedstars MENA Summit in Bahrain Belgium: China builds Business Incubator in Belgium / First Time: Mind and Market in Charleroi
Finland: Workshop by Creve, Turku / Coworking Travel Pass provides workspace
France: Paris - a common destiny Africa and Europe Germany: Finance secured for Extension of Heidelberg Science Park/ BVIZ Annual Conference will be held in Lübeck / IDEE Award - National Award for Female Entrepreneurs / Women Entrepreneurship Forum in Oldenburg / New 70 million Funds for Startups in Brandenburg / Fuse for Founders in Heidelberg / Hamburg: New Business Accelerator in Hamburg by Haspa and Nordbank / Winner of Music WorX Accelerator / Beehive – new Co-working Space in Hamburg / Sixth Social Media Week Hamburg / Next Media Match in Hamburg / Cologne: STARTPLATZ Birthdays in Cologne and Düsseldorf / Invitation only: Pirate Summit Cologne / CREATIVE.Spaces presented by CREATIVE.NRW / 6th Startup Weekend in Köln // Berlin: INKULAB – new Life Science Incubator in Berlin / HEUREKA 2017 / Cologne: 75,000 cups of Coffee / BVIZ AG BioParks at German Biotechnology Days / New Incubator in Berlin for Life Sciences, Green Chemistry and Nanotechnology Startups / Fintech.Pioneers in Berlin / 104 FinTech Startups in Berlin / Belgian Entrepreneurs vists Berlin Ecosystem / TOA Tech Open Air Berlin 2017/ DB Accelerator: Call for Applications for the 5th Batch / Disrupt Space Summit will be held in Berlin / Turning the Solar System into our backyard / "You Is Now" terminated operation / StartupBoat reports on major achievements
Ghana: Kosmos Innovation Center in Accra
Hong Kong: Fintech Startups in Hong Kong have a new Space and Funding
Iceland: Ten Startups selected for Tourism Accelerator in Iceland / Startup Iceland – for the 6th Time / StartingUp Business - Series of Ten Startups selected for Tourism Accelerator in Iceland
Ireland: The technology ecosystem meets in Ireland at FutureScope Latvia: Good News for Startups in Latvia / Baltic States Competitiveness / TechChill, the oldest, loudest and coolest annual startup and tech insider event in Latvia: Lebanon: ArabNet Beirut was held Feb 20 - 22, 2017
Mexico: 13th Annual INSME Meeting to be held in Mexico/ The incubator CEGINT of ITESO is incubating high-tech companies
Poland: The 27th Annual PBICA conference will celebrate the Association’s 25th anniversary
Senegal: CTIC started new Pan- African Accelerator 5 Singapore: Expara is a pioneer and leader in incubation / The Echelon Asia Summit 2017 in Singapore is expected to attract about Spain: Madrid Startup Ecosystem has a new Meeting Place
South Africa: Wall of Fame for Entrepreneurs / SA Innovation Summit 2017 – tenth Anniversary / Chemin is a network of non-profit technology incubators
Switzerland: New Insurtech Accelerator in Zürch / Application open for Kickstart Accelerator Zürich and MassChallenge / 55 million to invest in up to 25 companies / F10 - ‘Prototype to Product’

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SPICE Update 123

Feb 16, 2017

In this Update: Reports from Australia, Austria, Canada, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Uganda, and USA
New on SPICA World Map: Canada, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Entrepreneurial Hotspots: this time reports on Accra, Berlin Dresden, Toronto - Waterloo, and Riga

African Startups with Global Reach African Entrepreneurs invited to pitch at Bocconi University in Milano - Apply Now African Tech Leaders will meet in Lagos and African Hubs meet in Accra
Unlike other conferences: the AfiLabs Gathering 2016 Third African Angel Investor Summit Senegal: Building the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Dakar Cote d’Ivoire: SPARK inaugurates new Business Startup Center in Abidjan Uganda: Startups should provide solutions that solve problems West Africa: The new Elite of African Tech Entrepreneurs
Building the Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs in Ghana
iSPACE – the Place for building the Accra Startup Community
Asia: TOP 100 Program for Startups India: Six-weeks Business Incubation Management Training offered
Lebanon: Business Knowledge Platform to tackle Climate Change Saudi Arabia: New Accelerator for all Universities in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: Hands-on for Financing Innovative Startups
Germany: FinTech Days Stuttgart – Impulse for the Finance Sector of the Region
2016 Business Idea Competition for Universities of Cologne now open Startup Scene of NRW meets in Köln: Startup Summit 2016
Germany: Mannheim Accelerator is part of the Mannheim Center of Entreneurship Mannheim hosted the “Innovation Centers 5.0” annual Conference of BVIZ
Germany: Mannheim Accelerator is part of the Mannheim Center of Entreneurship
Mannheim hosted the “Innovation Centers 5.0” BVIZ Conference WFP Goal: Zero Hunger by 2030 – how the Munich Accelerator helps
Berlin calling: Online Shopping Portal is seeking great Ideas for the Future TOP 100 Program for Early
Berlin: New Co-working Space starts with Social Entrepreneurship Meetup Free Pancakes and Coffee in a new, special Co-working Space deGUT, Germany’s largest Startup Exhibition cooperates with Entrepreneurship Summit CUBE Berlin invites to join the Global Innovation Ecosystem - € 1,000,000 for the winning Startup
Berlin Potential - Irish Early Stage Investor explores
Berlin: International Consulting Firms open Hubs
Jobs in Startups – Competition for Berlin is growing strong
“Innovation Weekend” for the second Time in Berlin DB Mindbox attracts Startups from other Cities and Countries – the Fourth Batch SPICE G & G Workshop in Berlin this year December 9 +10, 2016 Latvia: Nation-wide Finance Programs for Startups
Successful Start of B2B Accelerator in Riga
Latvia: Step towards Startup friendly Taxation Successful Investment Session with Latvian Business Angels Riga: Baltic Dynamics 2016 – Impressions from the 21st Baltic Dynamics event Creating Latvia’s Future – science-based Startups
Austria: Vienna: Attractive Offer for international Startups
Australian University starts Cyber Security Incubator with Beach Access
New Australian Innovation Hub for AgriTech Businesses started: SproutX
Canada: Venture North – Showcase of the Toronto – Waterloo Tech Corridor
IdeaLab! – 15th Edition of the Student Entrepreneurship Event 9 Female Founders in first Cohort of Fierce Founders Accelerator
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support in Peterborough
Canada: Gizmo Labs, a Toronto co-working space
Croatia: Zagreb’s Startups get a Boost Italy: Esense venture incubator helps startups with potential of leadership in digital healthcare Lithuania: Biotech from the Baltics
Macedonia – Startup Initiative to build the Countries Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Netherlands: IGNITE 2016: Tackling Instability, Radicalization and Forced Migration Poland: It cannot begin too early - Startup Weekend Poznan Kids Switzerland: Ambitious Plans – not more than 15 minutes to get to Co-working Climate Solutions Ideator in Zurich Impact the European Identity - TECH ECOSYSTEMS Summit 2016
USA: High Tech Rochester receives public Funding to move to a new downtown Location

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SPICE Update 124

Feb 10, 2017

In this Update: European Enterprise Promotion Awards Amsterdam: Pilot Startup Program for Humanities Rolling Round-Table for Startups on German Train Tracks Southern Sweden calls Startups to apply for Fast Track Coworking Europe Awards for Community Action and Coworking Design Germany’s Founders Scene: More new Companies with Migration Background 7th SPICE G&G: Knowledge and Skills for Startups – Value for the Community ELPHI – the new Game about the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg premiers at SPICE G&G Entrepreneurial Hotspots: this time reports on Berlin
New on SPICA World Map: Australia, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, and USA.
Reports from Australia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia and USA
World: Empower 10 Million Women worldwide / Three Women Entrepreneurs selected for Finals of WeHubs Ideas Competition
Australia: Startup FinTech Wave reaches Australia
Belgium: Coworking Europe Awards for Community Action and Coworking Design Estonia: SPING Capital is looking at scalable technology-based businesses France: EBN Open Entrepreneurship Germany: Knowledge for Practitioners – BVIZ Work Group Day in Kassel / The Winner takes it all: € 100,000 Prize in Start Me Up Competition / Cologne: 4th Anniversary in Cologne: STARPLATZ celebrated four Years of successful Development / Rolling Round-Table for Startups on German Train Tracks / Germany’s Founders Scene: More new Companies with Migration Background / Deutsche Börse supports Startups with Venture Network and FinTech Hub / 7th SPICE G&G Workshop: Knowledge and Skills for Startups – Value for the Community / The Game Premier: ELPHI / SCALE11 - Where Startups meet Grownups Ghana: Oil Industry supports Agri-business Entrepreneurship / The second Africa Tech Summit 2016 was held in Lagos
Greece: The 10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD 2017) // Berlin: Roof-top Offices for Entrepreneurs / Start Alliance Berlin brings the founders of the world to the Germany’s Capita / CUBE started its actual global competition in Berlin / NOAH - for the third Time in Berlin / University Startups in Berlin and Potsdam general € 3 billion and provide 22,000 Jobs / 37th SPICE BÄR Dinner
Hungary: The Future of Co-Working in Hungary / SAP launches new Center for Start-ups in Berlin Mitte Indonesia: Indonesian Universities interested in establishing Technoparks Japan: Competition in 10 Cities around the World with Final Pitch in Tokyo Morocco: Marrakech: Mobile Technologies for Sustainable Development Netherlands: ACE Venture Lab – Pilot Startup Program for Humanities / Colorful Containers - Science-Based Startups have a new Home in Amsterdam
Poland: Netcamp, open for Tech/Startup Partners from Germany
Romania: 500 Children and Young People at CoderDojo in Timisoara Saudi Arabia: Entrepreneurship Support – important Element of “Saudi 2030” / Arabnet Riyadh Senegal: New Impulse for West African Startups with High-Growth Potential / Senegalese Tech Scene at Jambar Tech Festival / West Africa: Tekki48 IoT WAZIHack Singapore: More Co-working Space in Singapore Slovenia: Winners of the CES Awards 2016 Spain: Startup Olé: Fostering the European Tech-Entrepreneurs’ Ecosytems Sweden: Southern Sweden calls Startups to apply for Fast Track Switzerland: Swiss Venture Competition on two Tracks South Africa: Serious About Games / Smorgasbord - Food Startup Incubator on Tour / South Africa: Business Angels in South Africa establish National Association Tunisia: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Tunis evaluated / Passenger Lab is the first co-working space in Sousse (creative crafts) / Sfax Business Exhibition and Conference held with great Resonance USA: National University Startups Conference to be held in Washington / Starts January 3: Online Courses for a Business Incubation Management Certificate / Baton Rouge: Louisiana Business & Technology Center celebrates 28th Anniversary / The Louisiana Business & Technology Center at the LSU / Start the Entrepreneurial New Year in the Global Gambling Capital / mHub Chicago received USD 500,000 i6 Challenge Grant

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SPICE Update 122

Aug 26, 2016

In this Update:
Entrepreneurial Hotspots: this time reports on Mannheim, Berlin, Hamburg , Köln/Düsseldorf , and Munich
New on SPICA World Map: Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Jamaica, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and USA
Reports from Australia, Cameroon, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Lebanon, Malawi, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe Who are the Founders?
World Food Program launches Innovation Accelerator in Munich
How Communities, Universities and Companies support Startups through Networks Business Decisions taken automatically / Medical Results made understandable
BALTIC DYNAMICS 2016 in Riga: Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Session Innovation Centers 5.0 – BVIZ conference in Mannheim, Germany Sing, Eat, and Cycle together – European Cooperation Day
Late Shift in Berlin – also in Cologne, Hamburg, and Munich
IdeaLab! – 15th Edition of the Student Entrepreneurship Event CUBE – € 1,000,000 for the winning Startup Green Alley Award for circular and sustainable Business Ideas Sustainability in the Genes
Denmark: Entrepreneurship Barometer 2016 analyzes Startup Growth and Conditions
Germany: For the Fourth Time: INNO AWARD honored five Winners
Latvia: The Future of the Travel Industry showcased at CWT Session at Baltic Dynamics in Riga
Spain: Salamanca invites for STARTUP OLÈ
Senegal: 40 Entrepreneurs selected by Competitions in 20 Cities will attend Slush Helsinki
Switzerland: Focus on Fintech Startups / Insurance IT Innovation Award open for Application
USA Iowa: Building up the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem pays off / Advisory Firm Deloitte starts Startup to Help Startups / 31st International iNBIA Conference in Seattle, Washington

Entrepreneurial Hotspots

MANNHEIM Female Communication Power – active Community Building in Mannheim / Local Industry sponsors the Mannheim Entrepreneurship Award / The Mannheim Coolness Factor / German-Turkish Business Centre / The Manheim Chambers support Potential Founders / "Innovation Centers 5.0 - speed up with the whole team!" BVIT conference in Mannheim
HAMBURG Startup Sprint Summer School for Master Students / How does Digitalization of the Finance Sector change the Careers of People? / Delicious Meetup / Fab Lab St. Pauli designs the Future of the City MÜNCHEN World Food Program launches Innovation Accelerator in Munich / For Creatives and Makers: Free Flexbus to Munich and free accommodation / Bits & Pretzels is a 3 day conference in Munich (held
BERLIN "Meet Investors. Meet Corporates. Scale your business. Be International"- The Forth “Long Night of Startups ” /
10 Years of Successful Entrepreneurship Support with a Social Component / Deutsche Bahn Accelerator in Berlin calls for Applications for Batch # 4 / Sailing towards Business Success / Life is not only about Finance - Create Solutions beyond Banking / Cleantech Business Delegation from Berlin visits New York KÖLN / DÜSSELDORF
Start.Werke - Scholarships for starting a Business / Invitation to work in STARTPLATZ Köln with an AXA Founder Scholarship / Building the Ecosystem: The Rhineland Pitch The Rhineland-Pitch was initiated in 2013 by STARTPLATZ and takes place monthly. At these events
AfriLabs proposes Annual Gathering 2016 Cameroon: Four new Companies for ActiveSpaces in Cameroon Ghana: MEST Company Asoriba returned from Barclays Accelerator Kenya: Health in East Africa - Villgro Kenya calls for Applications Liberia: Senegal: SLUSH comes to Senegal for the Second Time Malawi Environmentally friendly Bathtub – mHub Malawi educates Girls Senegal: SLUSH comes to Senegal for the Second Time South Africa: 10X-E brings new Approach to scale-up South African Startups Uganda: Outbox: Women Passion Program, Financial Inclusion, safer Motorcycle Taxis Zimbabwe: Boosting Startup Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe / South Africa: South Africa Innovation Summit
India: Social impact investment fund Menterra announces two investments Australia: Female Founders Hackathon at Fisburners Malaysia – Vietnam: Accelerator – Co-working Cooperation Malaysia – Vietnam MENA Lebanon: Lebanon Startup Scene goes Silicon Valley / One Year after Start: Demo Day for Second Batch of SPEED @ BDD Saudi Arabia: Startup Weekend Taif carries on Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030
Companies of the Agora Accelerator Class prepare for Investor Talks Agora Accelerator Class 2017: Open for Applications Chile: Pre-accelerator for Female Entrepreneurs in Chile started second Round

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SPICE Update 121

Jun 24, 2016

In this Update:
Entrepreneurial Hotspots this time: Mannheim (NEW), Berlin, Dresden
New on SPICA World Map: Armenia, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and USA (see page 14)
Reports from Australia, Belgium, El Salvador, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Kenya, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Tunisia, and USA
Are you interested in Entrepreneurship Ecosystems?
10-Days Germany-India Energy Bootcamp in Berlin
Design-Driven Innovation – EBN Congress 2016
Lufthansa joins Logistics Accelerator in San Francisco

Australia: Telcom Testra backs accelerators in Sydney and Singapore / Fishburner Ladies Dine & Develop
Belgium: Create a Community of Student Entrepreneurs / “Coworking Europe” this Year in Brussels
Germany: € 725 million for German Startups and Early Growth Companies / Pitch Battle –new at IdeaLab 2016! / Heidelberg: Technology does not accept Borders / Dresden: futureSAX Innovation Conference 2016 continues as Road Show
Israel: 20 Students Projects presented at Demo Day in Tel Aviv
Netherlands: The Entrepreneurial West Coast of Europe / Entrepreneurial Uprise in Amsterdam
Latvia: Baltic Dynamics 2016 in Riga, Latvia Lithuania New Director for Kaunas Science and Technology Park Switzerland: FinTech Startups in Switzerland get organized / Free bus from Munich, free food and drinks – and work for 40 hours non-stop
USA: Alexandria LaunchLabs - new Biotech Incubator in Manhattan / InBIA Business Incubation Certificate Program now available Online / Detroit: From Car Production to Building an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Entrepreneurial Hotspots

Startup Melt in Berlin / The Future of Mobility – Innovator of the Year Award / New Cherry Ventures Fund widening the investment scope from Berlin to Europe / START Call - Berlin’s Student Community organizes Startup Event / The Future of Broadcasting : € 5,000 for the strongest Concept / The new Fund of E.ventures will invest internationally / Startups at the Premiere: Startup Day at ILA Berlin Air Show 2016 / If you need Support, call in the Cavalry
The next NEXT will be held in Hamburg @ Reeperbahn /
MANNHEIM Mannheim Coolness Factor for Startups / Mannheim Design Festival UNCOVER / “Textilery” – the Place for ambitioned Fashion Startups

Ghana: Climate Innovation Center launched Kenya: Series of eHealth Meetup in Nairobi Garage / Nairobi Tech Week held end of April West Africa: West Africa demonstrated the Potential of its Entrepreneurs
$405 Million for Innovators in Queensland, Australia / Lenovo starts new Startup Fund and internal Incubation Program India: New Venture Fund for Social Enterprises in India – Open for Applications
25 new Companies selected for the AGORA Partnership Accelerator / Agora helps to close the Financing Gap of Women Entrepreneurs / El Salvador: Business Incubator in San Salvador
MENA SwitchMed prepares for its second Annual Event / Creative and Cultural Industries in Tunis develop dynamically / Tunisia: Linking Tunisian Startups with the European Scene

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SPICE Update 120

Apr 20, 2016

In this Update:
Acceleration Chocolate & Cannabis EU launched initiative to improve the Startup Ecosystem Conference Reports: InBIA, Orlando and BVIZ, Berlin European High-Tech Startups meet in Dresden Oracle announced to start nine Accelerators in India – open for applications MEST expands from Ghana to Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa Seven high-quality Startups at first Demo Day of Relevant Health Accelerator “Added Value” - Innovation Tour and 7th Annual Saudi National Incubation Conference New on SPICA World Map: Brazil, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Lithuania, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland and USA
Reports from Armenia, Bahrain, Germany, Ghana, India, Iran, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, and USA
Business Innovation Associations on the Move
Entrepreneurship Support reinvented European Enterprise Promotion Awards open for Applications Improving the EU Start-up Ecosystem – Invitation to help
The Fascination of Co-working - Potentials for Companies and their Employees Sweet Acceleration world-wide Entrepreneurship Support reinvented
Only Marijuana
Impressions from the BIG Summit for International Business Incubation Leaders The BVIZ Spring Conference in a New Format
The Social Workplace Conference 2016
Finals of the Global Challenge Cup in Washington DC

Germany: Innovation Centers 5.0 - The annual conference of BVIZ, the German Innovation Center Association in Mannheim / Interactive Ecosystem Workshop in Frankfurt / Main
India: Oracle announced to start nine Accelerators in India Switzerland: National Initiative to market the Swiss Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Transformamus - What big business and startups can learn from each other / The START Summit 2016 St. Gallen with 1,500 attendees / National Initiative to market the Swiss Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
USA: Seven high-quality Startups at first Demo Day of Relevant Health Accelerator

Entrepreneurial Hotspots

HEUREKA Berlin 2016 – Early Bird Tickets available / Deutsche Bahn: UX: challenge for a new interaction concept for DB Information / Berlin Online Newsletter „Gründerszene“ wins Diesel Medal / 18 Startups selected for GA Silicon Valley and New York / Democratizing Virtual Reality Berlin startup wins SXSW Accelerator Award / Be an Entrepreneur - - Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in Berlin / Something tangible. First StarTUp Award of Berliner Volksbank and TU CfE / mindbox: DB Accelerator open for 3rd Batch Applications / Focus on Patient-Doctor Feedback and Patient Engagement / TU Berlin Incubator reaching for the Stars / German Federal Crowdfunding Association”
Business Incubation in MENA
DÜSSELDORF GarageBilk in Düsseldorf enters a new Era / DUS Airport exhibits winning Startups / Düsseldorf is strengthening the City’s Startup Culture / Startup Dorf (Startup Village), a local entrepreneurship support network / Access to Knowledge for Startups – Building Community / State-wide network of Startup Support Centers
HAMBURG Founder's Day Hamburg 2016 / Next Media Accelerator Hamburg goes international / The Hamburg Innovation Summit (HHIS) 2016 / HHIS Barcamp. / Founder Academy Hamburg offers HHHands-on Experience / Co-working as a Life Style

African Entrepreneurship Talent - 45,000 Applications
Ghana: Entrepreneurs-In-Training (EIT) of MEST now is open for four Countries / MEST to open New Incubation Programs in three African Countries Nigeria: Women Entrepreneurship in Nigeria gets a Boost - She Leads Africa Senegal: News from Dakar South Africa: Bridging the Divide between Startup Communities / Demo and Pitching Event at jozihub, Johannesburg ECA
Armenia: Startup Privilege Law brings 4 foreign IT companies to Armenia Lithuania: Sunrise Valley in Vilnius started “Western Union Startup Space”
Bahrain: Comprehensive Program to support Entrepreneurs and Growth Startups Iran: Training for Innovation Center Management in Iran
Morocco: Green Incubator in Casablanca calls for first round of Applications / Casablanca – on the way to become a Smart City / Great Success for Startups from CIC Morocco Saudi Arabia: Innovation Tour and 7th Annual Saudi National Incubation Conference
Tunisia: Startup Pirates Program for the second Time in Tunis

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SPICE Update No 119

Feb 20, 2016

In this Update: New on SPICA World Map: Belgium, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Jamaica, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.
Reports from Costa Rica, Colombia, France, Germany, Guinea, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Morocco, Netherlands, Qatar, Senegal, Switzerland, and USA Migration Issues: Co-working and Hackathon to help
Think big, start small, move fast and map your Ecosystem
Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2016 30th InBIA Conference on Business Incubation with Business Incubation Global (BIG) Leadership Summit / InBIA Awards 2016 in 10 Categories University Startup Promoters met in Hamburg Do Entrepreneurship Ecosystem need Venture Capital, Accelerators or Incubators?
Space Is The Place, by Ingrid Rosten
Enabling Smart SMEs as Key to Success

France: 33entreprnerus in Wine, Gastronomy and Tourism Kuwait: Heading Global – international Conference in Kuwait, November 14 – 16, 2016
Switzerland: Media Accelerator Program in Switzerland open for startups from Austria and Germany / Three months in Switzerland – Kickstart 2016 Application open
Germany: BVIZ Day of Work Groups
Jamaica: Caribbean Climate Innovation Center moving forward / UTech hosts Business Model Competition
Entrepreneurship Hotspots

Cologne: STARTPLATZ Action and Traction in Köln & Düsseldorf
Hamburg: SeeHearShare Hackathon in Hamburg / Labor x – fourth time in Hamburg
Dresden: Dresden is positioned well – a short Interview with Betram Dressel / Student Community of Dresden goes Business- Impetus for the Founding Culture / Something that really adds Value / Finance for Startups in Dresden
Entrepreneurial Hotspots

BERLIN: Swiss Innovation Outpost in Berlin / XX Start Up Camp Berlin 2015 / Tech Open Air Berlin – interdisciplinary Tech Festival all around the City / Berliner Volksbank starts Venture Capital Investments / Russian VC Target Global opens Office in Berlin / Berlin – the broker-Startup McMaker / Competence Center of Culture and Creative Economy in Berlin / Co-working for Artists and Urban Studies AFRICA
Africa offers many Business Opportunities Kenya: Pay for Bananas by Smartphone - Merck starts Accelerator in Nairobi
Senegal: Start your Business in international Pairs Guinea: ICT Companies from Senegal explore the ICT Market in Guinea Liberia: The Sun opens new Perspectives
Macedonia: Founders Night in Skopje: Shoes generating Electricity
India: Social Entrepreneurship impacting the Lives of People in India LATIN AMERICA
Developing Knowledge about and for Entrepreneurs in Latin America Colombia: CREAME offers a new Collaboration space in Medellin
Lebanon: Lebanon's first nationwide University Startup Competition launched Morocco: Building the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Morocco and Beyond Saudi Arabia: 7th KACST Annual Incubation Conference 2016
…and SPICE BÄR continues eating…

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SPICE Update No 118

Dec 15, 2015

In this Update:
From Beijing to Moscow – possibly via Riga Report about the IASP conference 2015 by Barbara Harley
Entrepreneurship Hotspots: Accra, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and München New on SPICA World Map: Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Nigeria, Palestine, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, and USA
Reports from Afghanistan, Belgium, China, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Ghana, India, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Palestine, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, and USA
Students for Students – IdeaLab 2015 with great Fun and Success Design your Own Destiny - Philadelphia Fashion Incubator calls for Applications
EBN Training Program 2016 launched
Colombia will host the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2016
The University-Industry Interaction Conference 2016
EBN Congress 2015: More than 400 participants from 34 countries met in Brussels

Belgium: FinTech Village in Belgium Finland: Grand Opening of Spark Up in Turku
Germany; Co-working space “Grünhof” in Freiburg wins German GreenTech Award / Kraftwerk - Entrepreneurship Power Plant in Bremen
Switzerland: Park of Parks: Swiss Innovation Park starts / Startup Cup Ticiono 2015 / Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Switzerland / Money for Startups USA: Philadelphia Fashion Incubator calls for Applications
Entrepreneurship Hotspots
Accra, Ghana: Frist Fintech Meetup „Next Bank“ held at MEST Accra / Hub Accra became Impact Hub Accra / MEST invites Startups to become “Businesses-in-Residence
Berlin: From Pitching to Pop Up, from Co-Working to Innovation Lab / One-month-Coffee-Flat Rate / Unicorn / Techstars METRO Accelerator for Startups in Hospitality Industry / Tenth Anniversary Innovators' Pitch - The Hub / The “Road to Tokyo World Tour 2015” in Berlin / Call for Papers for the tenth re:publica TEN is NET / New Co-working Spaces come to Berlin: WeWork and Mindspace
Cologne: STARTPLATZ - Co-Working for the Regional Entrepreneurship Ecosystem / French Technology Days 2015 held in STARTPLATZ Düsseldorf / Scholarships for Startups in Cologne and Düsseldorf Hamburg: University Startup Promoters met in Hamburg / Gruner + Jahr launches 50-million fund for startups and opens Greenhouse / Hamburg strengthened University Entrepreneurship Education / LaborX invited for the third round / For the Fifth Time in Hamburg: The Social Media Week 2016
Munich: EIT Digital - a satellite of the EIT Node in Berlin and plays an important role as a pioneer in accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship in and around Munich.

South Africa: The Citi - Roundtable
India: Rajasthan witnessed StartUp Fest / Seed Funding for Outstanding Social Entrepreneurs in India Japan: PIONEERS ventures out to Asia
Afghanistan: Eight Tech Startups Graduate from Ibtikaar in Kabul
Russia_ The new Science Technology Park Belgrade announced Public Call / Co-working in Moscow: DI Telegraph and Ziferblat / Serbia: Best Co-working Space 2015 in Serbia soon with Green Classroom
Ukraine: Improvement of Conditions for internally displaced Entrepreneurs in Ukraine
MENA Access to Finance for MENA Youth Entrepreneurs / Khadija” - Regional Network founded to support Women in the Arab States Tunisia: Trade Fair for Business and Entrepreneurship in Sfax

Download file: pdf _SPICE Update 118.pdf -

SPICE Update No 117

Oct 19, 2015

In this Update
New on SPICA World Map: Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Ghana,
Malaysia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and USA (see page 11)
Reports from Afghanistan, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, Rwanda; South Korea, and USA
An Unexpected Call To Produce A Framework for Cooperation by Barbara Harley
Successful visit of ADT Work Group BioParks to Leiden
EXIST goes international – Israel as first partner Doing Business in Fragile States - the 3rd annual IGNITE conference
The African Technology Summit (ATS 2015)
EBN goes Global Flat White Index - the ultimate Indicator for Startup Cities
ISPIM Innovation Forum in Boston
Afghanistan: SHETAB supporting Startups and Social Entrepreneurship AFRICA: Africa Seed Program brings Entrepreneurship Hub / The Coworking Africa
Finland: Startup Sauna Helsinki attracts Startups from other countries / Slush - Calling the international Entrepreneurship Community to Helsinki
Germany: The last ADT Conference: Founders’ Capital - Routes of Berlin / TCL-Ludwigshafen - More space for Startups / Munich in November 2015: Media-Saturn launches Spacelab Founder Cube in Lübeck doubled Size Iceland: Startup Support in Iceland Indonesia: Indigo Incubator & Accelerator taking off
Iran: Strengthening the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Iran Italy: Call for Applications for the D2T Start Cup in Italy MENA: Benchmarking University Incubators - UBI Awards / Internet of Things - IoT competition for MENA / Intel Corporation for the first time is organizing an Internet of Things - IoT competition for the Middle East and North Africa /MENA: ChallengeME! ideas, innovations and solutions in that area with great business potential.
Morocco: Grand Final of Startup Maroc in Casablanca
Rwanda: Fresh Bakery Products for Kigali
South Africa: First “Coworking Africa” held with great Success / Accelerator for health and fintech startups took off in Bandwidth Barn / Barn Tech lab Africa / Telkom South Africa supports Programs for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Switzerland: First 10 Companies start in first Fintech Accelerator of Switzerland
USA: New Health Tech Accelerator in Washington DC Entrepreneurship Hotspots
Accra, Ghana: Looking for the right Incubator Concept? / Hub Accra is rebranding to become an Impact Hub / The African Technology Summit (ATS) in Accra, Ghana
Hamburg: New Financing Tool for Startups in Hamburg / Entrepreneurship ecosystems need ideas, and entrepreneurs / Acceleration and Co-Working combined / New in the city: The MusicWorX Accelerator, Berlin: In Germany the best City for a starting a Business in Berlin / Bringing together Tourism and Digital Economy / Five Korean Startup Teams pitch at “Valley in Berlin" / 20th "Spätschicht" on Tour
SPICee: Make your Entrepreneurship Ecosystem visible and accessible

Download file: pdf _SPICE Update 117.pdf -

SPICE Update No 116

Sep 19, 2015

In this Update:
New on SPICA World Map: Australia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Tunisia, USA
Reports from China, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Lebanon, Liberia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, United Kingdom, and USA

The First SPICE Summer Workshop - Outcome Research about Accelerator Efficiency will fill the Gap
Ecosystem for Women Web Entrepreneurs European and African Angels in joint Activity Annual Global Competition Identifies 30 Technology Finalists for 2015 A Critical Friend for Policy Makers and others
CoBoating - Work and Sail
Open Innovation Marketplace
KfW Award “GründerChampion” 2015

China: Entrepreneurial Incubation Service Chain & Regional Industry Cluster
Finland: Games, Rock Music, and Matti Pölönen´s Climbing Shoe Lebanon: Entrepreneurship New Initiative to boost Lebanon’s innovative Businesses Liberia: Dutch Trade Mission visits BSC Monrovia Lithuania: The 20th Baltic Dynamics conference was held in the new Santaka Valley Building in Kaunas
Poland: Poznan - From abandoned Gas Work to flourishing Science Park
Poland: First PBICA Certificate issued
Poland “PARK Eagles” awarded
Poland: The Poznan Chemistry Laboratory Incubator
United Kingdom: United Kingdom Digital Cluster Assessment. Bournemouth grew fastest
USA: 25th NBIA Training Institute to be held in Orlando, Florida
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems:
Heidelberg: New Organic Electronics Business Development Centre in Heidelberg; Startup Weekend, Life Science Business Development Program for the Rhein-Nekar Region
Accra, Ghana: GAIN Business Angels in Ghana ¸Birthday with Sea View – iSpace in Accra; KNUST - University is preparing to start an Incubator; The Investment Preparedness Lab will be held Berlin: Learn today what will shape our lives tomorrow; “Innovators under 35”; XX NOAH visited Berlin; XX Grants4Apps - Applications of Digital Health Startups ; Supporting Startups to boost Urban Mobility; 14,000 Liters of Beer served for Finding Europe; Start your Business at Night; “We are the Capital” - Entrepreneurship Summit Berlin; Beer brewed just for this Purpose: 25 years Wuhlheide Innovation Park Munich: Allianz Digital Accelerator invites Startups to join; First successful exit of Wayra Munich: Volo ; Wanted: Leisure, tourism, and hospitality startups Delivery Service; Become self-employed - remain independent Hamburg: STARTUPS@REEPERBAHN - Round III with Love Mobiles; NEXT goes Reeperbahn
Germany: Blue Sky and Bright Sunshine: 25th Incubator Anniversary celebrated in Warnemünde Germany: Founders’ Capital - Routes of Berlin
Germany: Berlin Tech Open Air: iStone instead of iPhone

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 116.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 115

May 08, 2015

New on SPICA World Map: Germany, Ghana, Liberia, Malaysia, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay
Reports from Belgium, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, Georgia, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Kosovo, Moldova, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA

First SPICE Group Summer Workshop (and 6th Picnic) in Berlin
Regional Growth Forums in Denmark build new Incubator Network
New Academic Cooperation to Boost Entrepreneurship in Africa
Germany: ADT Conference 2015 The Secrets of Business Incubation Management and ADT Summer School
Energy Efficiency / Low Carbon Initiative of World Bank: NEGAWATT:
Denmark started Regional Growth Forums
New Social Entrepreneurship Network started
Student from Nairobi, Kenya wins the GSEA Global Social Impact Honorary Award
Poland: infoShare - Tech & Media Festival in Gdansk and 20th Anniversary of Poznan Science and Technology Park /26th PBICA Conference
Entrepreneurial Hotspots ACCRA: iSpace - Dedicated Space and Services for product-oriented Startups; NEGAWATT Challenge at iSpace; Mobile Web Ghana; The Largest Hackathon of the African Continent; Ghana Climate Innovation Center in Accra, Ghana seeks an Executive Director
Entrepreneurial Hotspots BRUSSELS: Stop Starting - Start Growing; First makers Startup Weekend in Brussels hosted by Co.Station; New Digital Innovation Centre for Girls and Women in Brussels
Entrepreneurial Hotspots DORTMUND: The Technology Park Dortmund acquires new building to keep growing; Work Inn in e-port-dortmund; Hub for the logistics Industry: e-port-dortmund; All Startups need: DIE INITIALE
Entrepreneurial Hotspots MUNICH: University – Industry Cooperation to help creating successful Technology Companies; Not for Inventors, but for Startups with excellent Potential; BMW Startup Garage; Alliance Accelerator invites Startups to join
Entrepreneurial Hotspots BERLIN: Adlershof: 53 new high-tech companies settled 2014, 650 jobs created; New Incubators for Deep Tech and Media in Berlin; IHK Starter Center up provides Advice; HEUREKA From Beta to Best – Kitchen Stories wins Prize of the Jury
Creative Business Cup a global Initiative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
UK: Making Futures conference in Plymouth
MENA: EU Med Culture drives sustainable Economic Development; Call for Green Entrepreneurs in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia; Young entrepreneurs in Euro-Mediterranean Region will receive EU Support
Morocco: First Regional Conference of Med Culture held in Casablanca USA: Successful NBIA Conference held in Denver
UK: Third Cohort of Startups graduates from Catalyst Center
Ireland: IgnYte resulted in an App to inform about Wheelchair Accessibility
Danube Region: Cluster Development in the Danube Region
Moldova: Business Incubator Network in Moldova expands
Ukraine: EU announces €110 million benefitting SMEs and entrepreneurship in Ukraine
Kosovo: STIKK2Berlin - Entrepreneurs build the Brand of Kosovo IT Industry in Berlin
Georgia: EBRD is Launching “Women in Business Program” in Georgia
Lithuania: Baltic Dynamics - Putting Keywords together in Innovation Ecosystem
Nigeria: Online Shopping Platform Supports Startups
South Africa: Competitions for the South Africa Innovation Summit still open; Standard Bank gets into Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Africa; African Academic Initiative to boost Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Startups
Caribbean: Accelerate Caribbean
Dominican Republic: Kids making Movies for Short Film Festival
Egypt: Entrepreneurship Support through AUC
Tunisia: Creative Business Cup of Tunisia
26th SPICE BÄR Dinner – Turkish Cuisine and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
The SPICE Summer Workshop & Picnic in Berlin

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 115.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 114

Apr 17, 2015

New on SPICA World Map: Finland, Germany, India, Lithuania, Palestine, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey, USA Reports from Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Oman, Poland, South Africa, Oman, Rwanda, Tunisia, UAE, Uganda, Ukraine, and USA

Ukraine: Visions for Entrepreneurship Support after the Crisis
Tunisia: ESPRIT - Private University Incubator started in Tunis
New International Forum at the NBIA Conference in Denver
Kaufmann Foundation Programs support Entrepreneurship Research
Poland: Technopark 20th Anniversary and PBICA Annual Conference in Poznan
Germany: StartUp4Climate - ADT organizes Green-Tech Incubators in Germany
Brain Food for Future Leaders in Argentina, Australia, and South America
First SPICE Summer Workshop and 5th SPICE Picnic scheduled for Berlin
Czech Republic: Variety of Topics in week-long Courses
Australia: High Caliber Scholars meet Policy Makers and Senior Officials
Argentina: Leaders meet outstanding Students
Lebanon: NAWF 2015: Empowerment through Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Cultural Quarters and Clusters: developing a Global Perspective
Malaysia INTERREG EUROPE program launched in Bologna with greatest Interest Promoting Entrepreneurial Learning
Germany: Startup Initiative StartUp4Climate
Germany: The Secrets of Successful Business Incubators
Germany: ADT Summer School 2015 “Best Practice - Future Trends”
Lithuania: Baltic Dynamics: Putting Keywords together in Innovation Ecosystem
Lithuania: Santaka combines the Strengths of the Key Innovation Ecosystem Players in Kaunas
Entrepreneurial Hotspots: BERLIN Communist and Western Pop Stars behind Asbestos Walls; Other Peoples’ Failures; Startup with a Mission: Promote Female Entrepreneurship
Poland: More than 100 graduates from InQbator in Poznan, Poland
Germany: The First SPICE BÄR Summer Workshop & 5th Picnic in Berlin
Tunisia: ESPRIT Incubator starts activities
Oman: More than 500 applications for Entrepreneurship Award Bahrain: The Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship
Tunisia: New Social Business Accelerator started India: $400m to grow Technology Based Businesses
India: The 7th Scankalp Summit: Fueling the Innovation Economy
Romania: Timisoara Building on CoderDojo’s success
Ukraine: Thoughts about Entrepreneurship Support after the Crisis
Bulgaria: Sofia Hi-Tech Park to be completed in 2015
South Africa will celebrate 20 Years of Small Business Promotion
Ethiopia: Let’s Party! Bahir Dar ICT celebrates second Round of Graduates! Rwanda: Private Business Incubator started Operations
East Africa: Empowering Adolescent Women in East Africa
USA: NBIA Conference in Denver first Time with International Forum
New Members: Anna Torz, Maciej Nowak, and Kirstie Chadwick
About People: Jacek Gulinski
The SPICE BÄR Dinners #24 and #25

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 114.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 113

Dec 29, 2014

NEW on SPICA World Map: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Liberia, Lithuania, Mexico, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, and USA Reports from Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Estonia, Germany, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Uruguay

Ingredients for a Startup Ecosystem Chemnitz: Creative environment open for Pioneers Doha: Science Parks: Where Technology Goes to Work
Spain: Incubator Network of the Chambers of Commerce Police and Counterintelligence at Business Incubation Conference Angel Finance – two new publications from World Bank and BADIR Out of the Box: Baltic Dynamics Conference 2014 held in Tartu, Estonia tech.eu – Europe got a Voice in Technology Entrepreneurship
Creative environment open for Pioneers Innovation in Rural Areas The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Looking at six European Ecosystems Science Parks: Where Technology Goes to Work
Out of the Box - Baltic Dynamics 2014 Police and Counterintelligence at Business Incubation Conference Angel Investments – New Publication in the BADIR White Paper Series Creating Angel Investor Groups for A New 'How-To' Guide Innovation Growth Lab Launched "Intelligent Energy" - Congress 2015 Startup Funding by EyeFocus Accelerator in Berlin Women Entrepreneurship Networking in Berlin Acceleration for Things A Sad Goodbye from the SPICE family to Rustam Darab Lalkaka
Co-working, Acceleration, Experimentation Is Entrepreneurship (un-) social? NETKITE Planning Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Forum Business Incubation in Latin America: RedLAC Mexico: Business Incubation Management Training held in Guadalajara, Mexico Latin America: RedLAC Signs a Cooperation Agreement with INCYDE Foundation Chile: Record number of applications for Startup Chile Argentina: 224 Teams from Argentina MENA: The potential of Cultural and Creative Clusters for economic development
Tunisia: Official Launch of Project to Promote Cultural and Creative Clusters Lebanon: Creative Cluster Project Launch in Beirut Lebanon: $400m to grow Technology Based Businesses Bulgaria: Innovative Youth – Cross-Border Project Bulgaria - Macedonia South Africa: Connecting Local Enterprises with Global Investors and Markets Liberia: Continued Support for Entrepreneurship Program in Liberia

New members: Tomas Cernevicius
About Members: Krzysztof Zasiadly
The fifth SPICE G & G Workshop in Berlin
The 22nd SPICE BÄR dinner

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 113.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 112

Nov 12, 2014

NEW on SPICA World Map: Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, ,Germany, Latvia,, Malaysia, New Zealand,, Peru, Russia, United Kingdom Reports from Afghanistan, Australia, Burundi, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Germany, Ireland, Italy Kenya, Lebanon, Niger, Nigeria, Palestine, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, and Vietnam
Women Entrepreneurship - Research Initiative in Germany Design Business Models, Youth, and Crowd Funding in MENA Indonesian Innovation & Technology Professionals trained in Berlin Ain’t NO Need – The first Global Social Entrepreneurship Challenge Views & Facts – this time with a special Focus on Social Entrepreneurship Climate Tech Proof of Concept Competition in Vietnam – Winners announced 1,500 Attendees wanted to Discover their Potential. Be an Entrepreneur The NEW SPICA Directory: 100+ Profiles deleted from SPICA Directory Global Startup Challenge announced by 1776 Startups are most important Driver for Generation of new Jobs
Strengthening a Strong Food Sector in Ireland Plan, Start, and Grow: 30th Anniversary of deGUT with Awards and 6,000 attendees NETKITE Call - Mediterranean Business Idea Competition INTERREG EUROPE, the New Interreg Program - Europe, let's cooperate! Innovation Support in Indonesia’s Districts - Studying the German Way From Helsinki to Istanbul – The Second Business Angels Week Winners announced of the infoDev Clean Tech SME Competition in Vietnam Successful NBIA Training Institute held in Portland, Oregon
The Red Dot now is found in the Baltic Creative Campus Did you ever wish your Car could fly? New Zealand: Making the right Impression New Zealand: Incubator Program doubles Clients Growth grOW - Women Businesses in East and West Germany – 25 Years after the Fall of the Wall Now in the fourth Round: Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator
Not only for Highflyers Latin America: Invention-based Entrepreneurship – a new report launched by ANDE Is Entrepreneurship (un-) social? Social Impact Investment Report released What is “Social Business” ? The Seven Principles Startup Wise Guys Launched Business Tech B2B Accelerator in Estonia Is California still Number One in Innovation and Entrepreneurship? Competitiveness of Russian regions Uruguay: Developing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Latin America: Loan Matching to increase Access to Finance in Latin America Uruguay: SPICA Directory now features 6 Incubators and a support Organizations “Collaboration Challenge” to promote Innovation Hubs across Africa Niger: New business incubator in Niger – the first one in this country Ethiopia: ICT New ICT Technology park in Ethiopia – under Construction
Tanzania: Tanzania builds up the Tech-Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Burundi: Sorghum Farmers get Entrepreneurship Training form Mobinc Mobinc, the Mobile Business Incubator of Burundi, works to restructure rural associations
Ethiopia: Smart city" Project in Ethiopia at Amhara Region, Bahir Dar MENA: Launching RuWWad.ME Lebanon: Intel-Berytech Innovation Initiative: Youth Ideation Camp Let’s bring back Arab Creativity Bosnia & Herzegovina: International Business Cooperation Meeting in Mostar Ukraine: New Horizons for Energy Use and Supply
Asia Pacific: New APJIE Website to access Information
Afghanistan: New business incubator started activities: Ibtikaar
Nepal: reConnect Finals to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal Pakistan: Social Entrepreneurship: Bringing female Doctors to female Patients Sri Lanka: New industry based in Incubator started in Sri Lanka New Members: Richard Bendis
About members: Mary Spaeth
The 21st SPICE BÄR Dinner
Tartu Meeting: Werner’s Soljanka – since more than 130 Years

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 112.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 111

Sep 20, 2014

NEW on SPICA World Map: Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, India, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom,
Reports from Croatia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Morocco , Poland, Portugal, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA

Looking at Switzerland
Training in India Six Weeks of BI Management
Training in USA: 24th NBIA Training Institute
Business Incubation Management Training in Turkey
Latin America: Business Incubation Management Training in Mexico
News from Berlin business incubation
How to allow MENA small enterprises to grow faster?
Polish-American Innovation Week in California
Croatia: Be The Role Model – part of INOVA, a national exhibition
AGORA Partnerships calls for applications for Consulting Fellows
France: Le Comptoir d’Innovation - Promoting Start-Ups with impact on Society
NBIA’s 24th Fall Training Institute in Portland, Oregon
eIDEE - Contest for the Digital Handshake
NBIA, the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA): relocate headquarters
Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region
Polish-American Innovation Week in California
Calling Startup Companies from Portugal, Brazil and China
Baltic Innovation Prize 2014 still open for applications
Ukrainian Company wins Award at “The Europas” in London
Just help the Fellow Entrepreneurs – The Junction Accelerator
Business Incubation Management Training in Kayseri, Turkey
Berlin: CoLaborator – New Health Care incubator in Berlin
Berlin: betahaus is celebrating the 5th Anniversary and expanding
Berlin: Second Long Night of Startups ahead
Empanadas and Pisco Sour - Start-Up Chile explores Berlin
APJIE Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
UK: Supporting Student and Graduate Entrepreneurs
Spotlight on Switzerland
Startup Fair receives Swiss Marketing Trophy 2014!
Swiss Rail supports Start-Up Companies
Incubators in Switzerland
Opinion: The Race goes on
Poland: Poznan Open Innovation Marketplace
Poland: Startup Weekend Fashion & Tech Poznan – with a Global Final
Green Tourism to generate jobs in rural Areas of Odessa region
Deutsche Telekom runs Business Incubator in Krakow
Latin America: Agora Accelerator prepares for a new round
Mexico : Capacitación y Laboratorios para Incubadoras y Aceleradoras de Empresas
India: “Promoting Innovations & Entrepreneurship through Incubation”
India: The Regional Social Enterprise Ecosystem in India
France - Morocco - Opportunity for Moroccan Companies
Morocco: Moroccan Innovation Centre finances Startups
Saudi Arabia: Entrepreneurship Support in Saudi Arabia
Africa: Open for Applications: Innovation Prize for Africa
Rwanda has a new place for innovation – KLab in Kigali
Ethiopia: ICT Incubator opened in Amhara Region, Ethiopia
The Fifth SPICE G & G Workshop: December 2015 in Berlin

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 111_3.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 110

Jul 26, 2014

NEW on SPICA World Map: Azerbaijan, Brazil,Germany, India, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Tanzania, and United Kingdom
Reports from Algeria, Antigua, Armenia, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Jamaica, Liberia, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Sweden, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA and Zimbabwe
Where is the Future? Baltic Dynamics 2014 conference in Tartu, Estonia
BSR Stars - Innovation around the Baltic Sea
Social Entrepreneurship Latin America: Women Enterprises find less attention, but are more profitable
Annual conference of ADT, "Protection of Innovation and Enterprises in Innnovation Centers"
Green Start Ups wanted: InnoWASTEon
Handbook Internationalization for Bio Clusters
The Cluster Observatory
ESCA - European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)
“Social Innovator”: Design, Develop & Grow Social Innovation
re:publica: More than 5,000 participates went “Into the Wild”
Caribbean Next Generation Entrepreneurs will benefit from new Program
Opening Factory Berlin - a new Business Incubation Facility
Science Park in Kiel, Germany has a new Owner
Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas
New Business Incubator in Germany: The "Setup" in Bad Segeberg
Winners of INNO AWARD 2014 honored
Winners of Caribbean Proof of Concept Competition awarded
Caribbean Climate Innovation Center
Prepare for Disaster - Rescue your Business Incubator Open Innovation and Knowledge City in Creative Economy
Open Innovation and Knowledge City in Creative Economy
Opinion: Comparing the Incomparable
Genopole Contest for Environment and Agro Industry
Scholarships for a Career in the Creative and Cultural Industries
ArmTech'14, 7th Annual High-Tech Global Forum will take place in New York
Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers
Innovative Countries around the Baltic Sea – BSR Stars
Morocco: 1,000 Startups per year: Med Lab Entrepreneurship 2015
Turkey: Right Ecosystem for Knowledge Valorization
MENAinc New Edition of MENAinc Newsletter published
ARTECNET – Network for Arab Incubators and Technoparks launched
Tunisia: Update on Elgazala Technopark
Algeria: The Cyberpark of Sidi Abdallah
Indonesia: The 6th Indonesia International Conference
China: 17th International Workshop on Business Incubation
Antigua, St. Lucia: Caribbean Women Entrepreneurs Network
Africa: AfriLabs in Berlin
Zimbabwe: Zimbabwes' first Innovation Hub started: Muzinda - Umuzi Hub
Liberia: Services and Training for Small Businesses available nation-wide Liberia / South Africa: Breaking the Rules
South Africa: Cape Town Stadium will host the 7th SA Innovation Summit
Senegal: Three Years on the Way to Success – TIC Dakar
The 18th SPICE BÄR dinner in Berlin became international

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 110.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 109

May 19, 2014

NEW on SPICA World Map: Argentina, Canada, ,Germany, Iran, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Tunisia, South Africa Reports from Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Poland, Qatar, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and USA
Women Entrepreneurs supported by Business Incubation IFC’s SME Toolkit launched in UAE
New EU Agency for SME The VW “Beetle” and Business Incubation
Israel: The StartUp Nation
Turkey: Technopark Ranking in Turkey
Germany: ADT Summer School: German Technology Centers: Best Practice – Future Trends
Germany: Supporting University based technology start-ups
German SME Alliance Publishers Position Papers Germany: SME Alliance Publishers Position Papers Germany: INNO AWARD 2014 – the second Round is open
Germany: G-Forum 2014: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Germany: Pitch where the Money was made
USA: Community, Curriculum and Capital
USA: NBIA announced the Finalists for the 2014 NBIA Incubation Award Qatar: New Business Incubator launched
Lebanon: The Seventh New Arab Women Forum "Empowerment through Entrepreneurship & Innovation”
Higher Education & the Creative Economy
Design, Develop & Grow Social Innovation
"Crazy idea“ - International Innovation Camp IV in Tambov, Russia Trans-regional Cooperation between Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine
Czech Republic: Winter School for Future Entrepreneurs in BIC Pilsen
Latvia: Hotels for Ideas South Africa: 7th SA Innovation Summit “Local Innovation Global Conversation”
ASPA Conference and Board Meeting in Gwangju MENAinc First Issue of new newsletter published In the Make: an Arab Network of Technoparks and Incubators
Brazil: Private Universities – Quality Education and Business Incubation
„Student loans and business incubators – experience of private universities“
Estonia: Baltic Dynamics 2014
About Members: Jeff Milanette now managing the Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center Important upcoming Events

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 109.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 108

Feb 28, 2014

NEW on SPICA World Map: Australia, Germany, Iran, Latvia, Poland, Portugal,, Saudi Arabia, Serbia
Reports from Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Botswana, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Liberia, Palestine, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and USA
The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN)
Call for submissions: Open Innovation, Knowledge City and Creative Economy. 10 million € from the EU for web and mobile entrepreneurs to start and scale up Information about Seed Accelerators available Foreign Direction Investment on the rise in MED countries
France in 2014 will invest € 1 billion to boost innovation and growth ANDE: Toolkit to evaluate Entrepreneurial Ecosystem available Health Accelerator: Science Center in Philadelphia
Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories Fourth research workshop: Higher Education & Creative knowledge Cultural Heritage as source for Creative Industries USA: ATI - Celebrating the Success of 25 years of Business Incubation in Austin, Textas USA: NBIA Summit for Advanced Incubation Professionals in Orlando
USA: Incubation anniversaries in the US Palestine: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Systems National Strategies and Policies
Bahrain: Frist Women Incubator in Bahrain started operations: Riyadat
Bahrain: InfoDev Business Incubation Management Training Bahrain: Website informing about Entrepreneurs’ Activities Abu Dhabi: Developing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi: First techno-preneur program in UAE is under way
Abu Dhabi: Award for ADU Enterprise for outstanding entrepreneurship support
Lebanon: Berytech Rewards Women Entrepreneur Lebanon: Festival of digital creativity: ArabNet Beirut 2014 Saudi Arabia: Incubator Network provides training for Business Incubation management
Saudi Arabia: BADIR White Paper Series on Business Incubation Tunisia: Social Entrepreneurship in Tunisia Costa Rica: Parque Tec Client Company attracts major Investment
Liberia: Promoting and Supporting Entrepreneurship nation-wide
Botswana: Botswana Innovation Hub launches CleanTech Centre of Excellence The Business Incubator magazine is available for download free of charge.
“Bridging the Gap”: Training for Entrepreneurs Project
Germany: ADT Summer School - a New Training Offer for Business Incubation Professionals
Germany: Opportunities for Green Entrepreneurship
Germany: The first SPICE BÄR dinner in 2014
Important upcoming Events

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 108.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 107

Dec 26, 2013

In this Update:
Forth SPICE G & G Workshop held in Berlin
Science Parks Shaping New Cities
White Paper on SFBs Addendum to the Riga Baltic Dynamics Report University Pre-Incubation, Technology Diffusion, and Clusters HighTech Start-Up Fund
Women entrepreneurship: It’s an Economic Imperative
Helping Young Women to start their Business in Jordan
Stockholm has a new Co-Working Space
Call for Papers - Seventh International Conference ICEIRD 2014 White Paper of SGBs - News from the Fifth annual ANDE conference Tunisia: Catalyst for Satellite Navigation Services in the EUROMED region Lebanon: Rural Women Entrepreneurship
Liberia: BSC Monrovia
Liberia: Business Start-up Centre (BSC) Buchanan
Liberia: Strategic Development of Entrepreneurship Support
Liberia: The White Villa for Startups Liberia: iLab – widening opportunities for the use of ICT Liberia: The challenge to finance startup businesses
Nepal: infoDev supported Agribusiness Innovation Center
Bangladesh: Bizcube moves on
Afghanistan: Innovation for the Media
The Business Incubator magazine is available for free
Addendum: The 169th SPICE Meeting - at the Baltic Dynamics 2013 in Riga
The SPICE BÄR dinners continued : No 14 and 15 -
NEW SPICE Videos available on Youtube.
Tallinn: http://youtu.be/x2UNo8qWmhs
Riga: http://youtu.be/nMRUmsvSCMo
Innovation Tree: http://youtu.be/TKmUkzjfUfc

Important upcoming Event: Baltic Dynmics 2014 Sep 17–19, 2014 in Tartu, Estonia

NEW on SPICA World Map: Burundi, Canada, India, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, USA
Reports from Afghanistan, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Germany, India, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Luxemburg, Nepal, Palestine, Poland, Sweden, Tunisia, and

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 107.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 106

Nov 14, 2013

In this Update
Entrepreneurship Research - Global Network launched
25th Anniversary of German Business Incubation Association
Baltic Dynamics 2013 conference in Riga
Latvian Innovation Tree planted
Hungry for History – SPICE excursions into Latvia Nature and History McKinsey: Berlin - a leading European start-up hub
The SPICE G & G Workshop Berlin in December
European SME Week
Global TOP 5 University Incubators
Tamkivi Foundation
Berlin - a leading European start-up hub
Germany: New Innovation Award for Innovative Companies
Young Women as Job Creators
Learn from Successful Women Entrepreneurs
Liberia Women Entrepreneurs
Global Researchers Join Forces to Shed Light on the World’s Entrepreneurs
A third Space for Creative Arts & Creative Industries?
Lebanon: Script rewriting Workshop for Fiction Future Films
V4 Creative Incubators
New Mexico: First NMSU Startup Weekend in Las Cruces
Germany: New Network of Technology Incubators
Israel: Forging Connections, Collaborations and Community
Germany: StartUp4Climate ADT goes Green
Poland; New element of incubation model in Science Parks
Poland: Sustainability and Benchmarking for Business Incubators
Morocco: New EU support program for Moroccan agriculture
Tunisia: First Arab ICT Incubators Workshop and Arab Technoparks Meeting
Bahrain: Innovation based Enterprises in Bahrain got a new Forum
Burundi: Entrepreneurship Training and Pre-Incubation
Burundi: Agri-business Incubation started in Rumonge
Burundi: The First Incubator of the Country – BBIN
Belarus: „Innovative Garage" in Minsk

NEW in SPICA: Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Ethiopia, Germany, Malaysia, Poland, Serbia, and Tunisia
Reports from Bahrain, Belarus, Burundi, Estonia, Germany, Israel,, Lebanon, Latvia Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 106.pdf -

SPICE Update No. 105

Apr 08, 2013

In this Update:
Creative Industries Incubation The dawning of Clipedia
Europe: Mediterranean Youth Program enters new Phase
Europe: For a better Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem
Latin America: Women are the Change-Makers
New Early Stage Financing Facility
Burkina Faso: Business Angel Network started with infoDev Support
Chile: Get on the SUPBoat – Start-Up Chile calls for Applications
Finland: SimLab: multidisciplinary and networked Research and Teaching
Finland – Russia: Rubicon Forum –boost for Finish Russian Business Relations
Germany: Companies started by graduates of the TU Berlin employ 16.000 people
Germany: ADT Creative Industries Work Group meets in Coburg
India. Villgro Awards 2013 for the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Mexico: 100 Days to Market New Zealand: Hot from the Icehouse
Palestine: Palestine Youth Report: The Future Is Knocking
Palestine: PICT continues to expand successfully
Russia: Murmansk Incubator Gradate wins Construction Design Competition Senegal: CTIC reports Success
Senegal: CTIC continues on the Road to Success (by Omar Cissé & Yann Lebeux)
Serbia: Belgrade Incubator celebrates 5th Anniversary with International Conference South Africa: Drinks and Entrepreneurship Support
South Korea: 10th Anniversary of AABI celebrated in Seoul
Thailand: Thai-BISPA joined SPICE Group
Thailand: Technology Commercialization for Entrepreneurship (by Barbara Harley)
Tunisia: Strategy 2030 for the City of Sfax
Ukraine: Happy Farm goes to California
USA: New President and CEO assumed work for NBIA
USA: A different Generation: Entrepreneurship Training for 50+
USA: Mentors for University Start-Ups
New Members: Chachanat Thebtaranonth , Suwipa Wanasathop
NEW in SPICA: Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Finland, Iran, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey
Reports from Austria, Burkina Faso, Chile, Finland, Germany, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Palestine, Poland, Serbia, Senegal, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 105.pdf -

SPICE Update No 104

Dec 24, 2012

• First Climate Tech Incubator opened in Kenya
• 5th Global Forum if infoDev to be held in South Africa
• Creative Industries Incubator Network
• Co-Working Spaces in MENA
• The 10th SPICE BÄR meeting as an international workshop
• ICN –networking smaller communities for innovation
• Technology Business Incubation – Core of Regional Technology and Business Development
• Small & Medium Places have a Network in the North
• Subtopia: Untamed, Courageous and Empathetic - Do It Together!
• Organza: Learning from different Experiences of European Regions
• Berytech initiates Creative Industries Cluster in Beirut
• UK: Creative Regions Summer School 2013
• Creative Community at BASECAMP3 – Initiating a Creative Incubator Network
• UKBI Annual Conference – first time held in a university
• Successful and Lasting Regional Cooperation of Business Incubators
• Competition: The Power of Entrepreneurship
• Anniversary: BIC Stendal
• Young Companies lead Job Creation in Economic Recovery
• Nordic Business Safari
• Innovation Week in Prague
• All about Technology parks in Czech Republic
• Publication to read: Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
• Gründer Garage Berlin: 139 campaigns with € 462.238€ raised
• New NBIA Executive Committee is named
• Poland: BioNanoPark – new component of Lodz Science Park
• Tunisia: IFC Supports Tunisian Reforms to improve Conditions for Entrepreneurship
• Tunisia: EU Initiative: Creation of the Economic Consultative Council
• Lebanon: More Co-Working Space in Beirut: Cloud 5 and AltCity
• Morocco: Co-Working Space now available in Casablanca
• Lebanon: Berytech Open Doors at the Global Entrepreneurship Week
• Jordan: New Funding from EU for SMEs in Jordan
• Tunisia: Entrepreneurship Support in Tunisia – Light at the End of the Tunnel
• Mobile AppCamp successfully held in Skopje
• For-profit Business Incubation in South Africa
• GrowthHub –new incubation initiative in Kenya

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 104.pdf -

SPICE Update No 103

Oct 29, 2012

Entrepreneurial Heat in Europe’s cold North: Helsinki
The Baltic Dynamics 2012 in Vilnius
USA: NBIA publishes SOI Report 2012
Social Capital – a Resource not yet properly used by Science Parks?
Lebanon: BERYTECH now runs its third Business Development Centre
Maghreb: Start-Up Initiative – 325 New Businesses? Boot Camp comes next
Germany: hub:raum – the new incubator in Berlin by Deutsche Telekom
Serbia: International B2B Matchmaking and Fundraising
Croatia: TERA – complex Offer to help Start-Ups to develop
Germany: Diversity drives Innovation Entrepreneurship Summit Berlin 2012
Wayra: Fresh Wind comes to Europe USA: The State of the Incubation Art
European and Mediterranean Art & Culture meet Business
UK: First research workshop: Higher education and the arts & cultural sector
Germany: The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship
Poland: VCs supported by National Capital Fund
Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator in Gdansk, Poland
Plymouth University Formation Zone – Co-Working Space with Start-Up Support
Estonia: Tehnopol Tallinn opened Co-working Center
Germany: Co-Working Spaces in Berlin
Finland: Public funding helps generating successful Growth Companies
Growth Finance and Support for Creative Industry Start-Ups
Early Stage Investments for Media Businesses
Nordic Entrepreneurs like it hot and go to Sauna … but also start in Garages
Aalto Venture Garage
NEW on SPICA World Map: Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sweden, USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 103.pdf -

SPICE Update No 102

Sep 02, 2012

In this Update
- Active mLabs in Africa
- Berlin: Hub for Innovation, Start-Ups, and Finance
- Reports about and around the Forth SPICE Picnic
- Almedalsveckan: Innovation Policy the Swedish Way
- Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 – Entrepreneurship Policy Survey started
- Give me the Money and leave me alone
- Novi Sad: A Cluster and a Business Incubator
- Basecamp3: Freelancers Event
- USA: Better Results by operating in a Regional Network
- The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis
- Capital for women-led high growth companies
- New Zealand: SODA Labs – a new Incubator Service
- Berlin: Gruender Garage: Combing Training, Finance, and Awards
- One more .garage in Berlin
- Bulgaria – Greece: Summer School for Entrepreneurship
- Bulgaria: € 12 million for Early-Stage Start-Ups
- German-Arab Startup Competition (GASC 2012)
- Palestine: PICTI now EBN certified
- Phase 1 of the Maghreb Startup Initiative successfully closed
- Chile attracts innovative Entrepreneurs from around the World
- Innovation Price for Africa - Call for Applications
- Senegal: CTIC Bootcamp – First Investors’ Club launched
- South Africa: Tshwane Entrepreneurship Week
. Indonesia: Government invest into Young Professionals
- NEW on SPICA World Map: Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Croatia, India, Lithuania, New Zealand, Serbia, Tunisia, South Africa

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 102.pdf -

SPICE Update No 101

Aug 19, 2012

In this Update:
- New Section in SPICA Directory: ASF – Advise, Support, Finance
- Maybe not too late to register: 4th SPICE Picnic
- A new magazine for the industry: The Business Incubator
- NEW on SPICA World Map: Egypt, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Russia, USA
- Reports from Armenia, Bahrain, China, Chile, Colombia, Georgia, Germany, India Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Poland, Serbia, Senegal, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 101.pdf -

SPICE Update No 100

Mar 30, 2012

In this Update:
Senegal: two different incubators in Dakar
MENAinc: Back on track
infoDev BI Management training in Bahrain, Mexico, Romania
Technopark Pilsen opens new facilities
"Smart specialization". The Role of Business Innovation Centers" XXIII PBICA Conference
Third EU-Russia Innovation Forum joined by EBN Annual Congress
Creative Regions – Second Research Seminar to be held in Copenhagen
DELTA and OMEGA – new buildings in Wrocław Technology Park opened
Venture Acceleration Networks
Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship

NEW on SPICA World Map: Australia, Isle of Man, Jordan, Nigeria, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, UK, Uruguay

Reports from Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Poland, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and USA
"Smart specialization". The Role of Business Innovation Centers" XXIII PBICA Conference

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 100.pdf -

SPICE Update No 99

Dec 26, 2011

In this Update:
30 Indonesian Future Innovation Policy Leaders in Germany
10 Years of Successful Business Incubation in New Zealand
Next infoDev Business Incubation Management Training in Istanbul
infoDev certified business incubation management trainersin Ooty, India
VI th ECAbit conference held in Chisinau Moldova
NEW on SPICA World Map: Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Luxemburg, Senegal, Syria, Thailand
Senegal: Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
High Honor for Guido Baranowski
Third Saudi International Technology Incubation Conference 2011
Second Global Summit on Entrepreneurship held in Istanbul
UK: Incubator Study
The Blue Book of ADT - new edition released
Smart Poland. Effective environment for Innovative Business
Reports from, Azerbaijan, Germany, Ethiopia , India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Moldova, New Zealand, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Senegal, Turkey, Ukraine, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 99.pdf -

SPICE Update No 98

Sep 29, 2011

In this Update:
Award winning Creative Industry incubators at the Baltic Dynamics 2011
SPICE 20th Anniversary Celebrations
Europe: Big events in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
NEW on SPICA World Map: China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany India, Micronesia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Syria,
Place to Meet: The Binhai Forum in Tianjin, China
The Forth Global Business Incubation Day: December 5, 2011
Reports from China, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Latvia, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and United Kingdom

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 98.pdf -

SPICE Update No 97

May 20, 2011

• infoDev Global Forum: Winners of the TOP50 Competition
• Award winning Creative Industry incubators at the Baltic Dynamics 2011
• About Members – New Members
• Polish Technology Parks Benchmarked
• GIST: Program Launch in Rabat, Morocco
• Gender Equality in ECA business incubation
• Reports from, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Kenya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Palestine, Poland, Senegal, South Africa, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 97.pdf -

SPICE Update No 96

Mar 03, 2011

Un this Update:
New incubators on SPICA Directory Map
4th infoDev Global Forum to be held in Helsinki in May 2011
TOP50 Competition – infoDev seeks the best SMEs
UK Strategy for Elite Technology and Innovation Centers
New Incubator Handbook
Youth to start business at Berytech, Beirut
Reports from, Australia, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania,
Lebanon, Malaysia, Moldova, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 96.pdf -

SPICE Update No 95

Dec 23, 2010

In this Update:
• First incubator in Romania on SPICA Directory Map
• infoDev Incubator Manager Training for Africa, and for MENA/ECA
• Six-weeks international Training in India
• Riding the Waves in California
• Anniversaries – We congratulate!
• Reports from, Azerbaijan , Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, New Zealand , Latvia, Romania, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 95.pdf -

SPICE Update No 94

Oct 15, 2010

In this Update:
• SPICA Directory MAP now Online and Library open
• Third SPOAC in Hungary found great interest – with the SPICE Art Ball
• New evaluation reports available: Poland and Germany
• Funding for German- Mediterranean Cooperation projects
• Awards, Prices, Competitions
• Reports from, Australia, Belarus, Egypt, China, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, India, New Zealand, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Sweden, USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 94.pdf -

SPICE Update No 93

Jul 10, 2010

In this Update:
• Learn to fly! At the BALTIC DYNAMICS in Riga, September 15-17
• About (new) Members
• What is an incubation manager? Austria offers training
• Forth Global Forum of infoDev: May 2011 in Helsinki, Finland
• 25th Anniversary of most successful German Incubator
Reports from Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Macedonia, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nicara-gua, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Russia, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 93.pdf -

SPICE Update No 92

Apr 28, 2010

In this Update:
• Ethiopia – new on the map of SPICA Directory. Special report
• Special Bahrain – Moving Business Incubation to new Frontiers
• Biotechnology in German Regions: Berlin Brandenburg
• From the African Network AIN
• New information and features on SPICA Directory Online
• Reports from Algeria, Bahrain, Belarus, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 92.pdf -

SPICE Update No 91

Feb 26, 2010

In this Update:
• SPICA Directory Online (SDO) - New Look and Content of Profiles
• New infoDev Initiative in cooperation with Finland and Nokia
• Polish Association published comprehensive Report
• Women Business Incubation in Germany
• Innovation System in Eurasia
• New SPICE Art Ball Videos available
Reports from Armenia, Belarus, Finland, Germany, India, Jordan,
Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Syria, USA, and Yemen

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 91.pdf -

SPICE Update No 90

Dec 21, 2009

- The Most Promising Incubator 2009
- 1,000 participants at the infoDev Global Forum in Brazil
- The SPICE Art Ball - first time complete
- NEW features now available in SPICA Directory Online
- Reports from Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Jordan, Mongolia, Palestine, Poland, Ro-mania, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Uruguay, USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 90.pdf -

SPICE Update No 89

Oct 21, 2009

- L8th Best Science Based Incubator Award - Join the Competition
- Lithuania: Baltic Dynamics Report and Innovative development
- Prepare for the 2nd Global Business Incubation Day
- Climate Innovation Centers - infoDev activity
- New Zealand: Study on Incubator Outcome and Impact
- Nepal: First successes of Business Incubation Program
- Reports from Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Macedonia, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 89.pdf -

SPICE Update No 88

Aug 23, 2009

In this Update:
- EU: 170 million - for the Mediterranean Region
- infoDev: 3rd Global Forum on Innovation & Entrepreneurship
- Women Entrepreneurship around the globe
- Report on the Second Business Extreme Forum
- Youth Entrepreneurship
- SPICE Art Ball visits Russia: St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk
Reports from Azerbaijan, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Philippines, Romania, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 88.pdf -

SPICE Update No 87

Jun 24, 2009

In this Update:
- infoDev Global Innovators Contest - Winners announced
- 20th Annual Conference of Polish Incubator Association
- Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Vol. 3 No 1
- Global Summit adopts on Basic document on Business Incubation
- Reports from Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, China, Germany, India,
Jordan, Malaysia, Palestine, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 87.pdf -

SPICE Update No 86

May 12, 2009

In this Update:
- News about Women Business Incubation
- Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation
- Spin-off project in Chile
- Reports from Abu Dhabi, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Dubai, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Palestine, Singapore, Syria, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 86.pdf -

SPICE Update No 85

Mar 28, 2009

In this Update:
- News about Women Business Incubation: Kyrgyzstan, Syria & Georgia
- First Business Incubation Forum in Saudi Arabia
- Inform, Support, Inspire, Share, Encourage - EU SME Week
- 2009BioBreakfast in Atlanta
- The Third Global Forum
- business incubation activities in Bangladesh, Belorussia, Guatemala, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland, Syria, and Russia
and much more

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 85.pdf -

SPICE Update No 84

Feb 20, 2009

In this Update:
- Women Entrepreneurship in Agri-business. Examples from Syria
- Latin America: Studies on Technoparks and Entrepreneurship
- Asia: Business Incubation Conferences and other Events
- Czech Republic: National Incubator Association & BIC Plzen
- Good Practice for Business Incubation: Award 2008
- Competition for Youth Entrepreneurs
- Members Anniversaries
and much more...

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 84.pdf -

SPICE Update No 83

Dec 22, 2008

In this Update:
- First Global Business Incubation Day: A Success Story
- TRI-STEP India won Prestigious World Bank Award
- About members / New members
- Back-to-back: Thessaloniki Double Pack: ICEIRD2009 and TII 2009
- News from Eastern and Central Europe
- The MENAinc Special pages
- Awards announced in Paris: Best Science Based Incubator 2008
and much more ...

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 83.pdf -

SPICE Update No 82

Oct 21, 2008

In this SPICE Update you find:

- New SPICE Group Board of Directors elected
- Best Science Based Incubator Award 2008
- SPICE Art Ball visits Berlin and congratulates: 20th ADT Anniversary
- First Global Business Incubation Day
- 10th Annual Conference of UK Business Incubation
- 3rd Global infoDev Forum to be held in Brazil, May 2009
- News from the MENAinc network
and much more about incubators and technoparks all around the world

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 82.pdf -

SPICE Update No 81

Aug 29, 2008

In this Update:
- First Global Business Incubation Day: December 8, 2008
- The Spice Art Ball in Bangkok
- 20th ADT Anniversary and 19th Global Summit
- Anniversary in the UK: the 10th UK Business Incubation conference
- Best Science based Incubator Award, conference in Paris
and much more ...

Download file: pdf SPICE Update-81.pdf -

SPICE Update No 80

Jul 13, 2008

In this Update you will find information about
- The First Global Business Incubation Day: December 8, 2008
- The 10th UK Business Incubation conference
- the 20th Anniversary of the German ADT
- Conference Announcement from all around the Globe
- The Best Science based Incubator Award

Download file: pdf SPICE Update-80.pdf -

SPICE Update No 79

Apr 27, 2008

In this Update:
- New infoDev Request for Proposals: Women Incubation, Youth, High Growth
- Country Special Turkey
- News from Spain
- Business Incubation goes Open Air
- 18th Global Summit of GBIN in San Antonio, Texas, May 4, 2008
and much more

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 79.pdf -

SPICE Update No 78

Feb 05, 2008

In this Update:
- National Innovation Policies and Programs
- HighlightS on upcoming important conferences
- Incubator in Environmental Technologies and Clean Energy
- Business Incubation in Developing Countries

Download file: pdf SPICE Update-78.pdf -

SPICE Update No 77

Dec 20, 2007

In this Update:
- Date for 5th MENAinc Workshop in Bahrain shifted to October 21 - 24, 2007
- 16th in Riga and 17th Global Summits in Shanghai
- Africa Sub-Regional Incubator Networks met in June
- Social Entrepreneurship
- International Business-to-Business Cooperation
- Actual "State of the Industry" Report published by NBIA
- Business incubation in Africa, Bahrain, Central Asia, China, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Romania, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, St. Vincent & Grenadine, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 77.pdf -

SPICE Update no 76

Nov 07, 2007

In this Update:
- Date for 5th MENAinc Workshop in Bahrain
- 16th Global Summit in Riga and 17th Global Summits in Shanghai
- Africa Sub-Regional Incubator Networks met in June
- Social Entrepreneurship
- International Business-to-Business Cooperation
- Actual "State of the Industry" Report published by NBIA
- Business incubation in Africa, Bahrain, Central Asia, China, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Romania, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, St. Vincent & Grenadine, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 76.pdf -

SPICE Update No 75

Aug 16, 2007

In this Update:
- The Ball of Innovation - see last page
- Training for Incubation and Technopark management: Austria & Finland
- ECAbit training for SMEs
- Armenia - hot spot in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship
- Actual "State of the Industry" report published by NBIA
- Business incubation in Dominican Republic, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Palestine, Romania, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and USA

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 75.pdf -

SPICE Update No 74

Jun 25, 2007

In this Update:
- 4th MENAinc Workshop in Tunis
- The Future of Science Parks in UK
- Measuring Incubator Performance and Impact
- Work Group on Climate Change
- Business incubation in Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Dominican Republic, Germany, Kyrgyz Republic, Morocco, Romania, Tunisia, United Kingdom
- IASP Science Park World Conference in July in Barcelona, Spain

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 74.pdf -

SPICE Update No 73

May 20, 2007

In this Update:
- 15th Global Summit: April 1, 2007 in Seattle, USA
- SPICE meetings in New Zealand and USA
- Business incubation in Bahrain, China, Egypt, Germany, Korea, Libya, Macedonia, Tunisia, and Ukraine

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 73.pdf -

SPICE Update No 72

Mar 10, 2007

In this Update:
- 15th Global Summit: April 1, 2007 in Seattle, USA
- infoDev project: MENAinc - Business Incubator Network in Middle East and Northern Africa
- Business incubation in Bahrain, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan Libya, Ma-cedonia, New Zealand, Qatar, Tajikistan Tunisia, Ukraine

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 72.pdf -

SPICE Update No 71

Jan 22, 2007

In this Update:
- 15th Global Summit in Seattle, USA
- German President visits PHOENIX incubator in Berlin
- Developing Countries Business Incubators
- Sail Away - Special offer for SPICE members

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 71.pdf -

SPICE Update No 70

Dec 18, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 70.pdf -

SPICE Update No 69

Sep 25, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE update 69.pdf -

SPICE Update No 68

Aug 29, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE update 68.pdf -

SPICE Update No 67

Jun 27, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE update 67.pdf -

SPICE Update No 66

May 29, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 66.pdf -

SPICE Update No 66

May 26, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 66(1).pdf -

SPICE Update No 65

Apr 21, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 65.pdf -

SPICE Update No 64

Apr 04, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 64.pdf -

SPICE Update No 63

Feb 27, 2006

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 63.pdf -

SPICE Update No 62

Dec 16, 2005

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 62.pdf -

SPICE Update No 61

Nov 05, 2005

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 61.pdf -

SPICE Update No 60

Oct 03, 2005

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 60.pdf -

SPICE Update No 59

Jul 24, 2005

SPICE Update No 58

Apr 25, 2005

Download file: pdf SPICE UPDATE 58.pdf -

SPICE Update No 57

Dec 27, 2004

Download file: pdf SPICE UPDATE 57.pdf -

SPICE Update No 56

Oct 26, 2004

Download file: pdf SPICE UPDATE 56.pdf -

SPICE Update No 55

Sep 28, 2004

Download file: pdf SPICE UPDATE 55.pdf -

SPICE Update No 54

Jul 30, 2004

Download file: pdf SPICE UPDATE 54.pdf -

SPICE Update No 53

Apr 22, 2004

Download file: pdf SPICE UPDATE 53.pdf -

SPICE Update No 52

Jan 27, 2004

Download file: pdf SPICE UPDATE 52.pdf -

SPICE Update No 51

Dec 14, 2003

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 51.pdf -

SPICE Update No 50

Nov 24, 2003

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 50.pdf -

SPICE Update No 49

Oct 24, 2003

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SPICE Update No 48

May 25, 2003

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 48.pdf -

SPICE Update No 45

Jun 21, 2002

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 45.pdf -

SPICE Update No 40

Dec 22, 2001

Download file: pdf SPICE Update 40.pdf -